Jeffrey B. Snyder
9,62 MB
29 Aug 2000

Historical Staffordshire : American Patriots & Views is a great book. This book is written by author Jeffrey B. Snyder. You can read the Historical Staffordshire : American Patriots & Views book on our website in any convenient format!

Patriotism was rarely more fervently displayed in America than in the early nineteenth century. Enthusiasm for the new country was especially felt in England where goods were produced specifically to commemorate America. This book presents in detail the transfer-printed ceramic dishes made in Staffordshire for the American market from 1820-1860. Here are the patriots, historical events and breathtaking new landscape views captured by fine artists and transferred to ceramics by the best companies in England. Today these dishes are actively collected. Written with a close view of the cultural changes that contributed to the enormous popularity of historical Staffordshire wares, Jeffrey Snyder has documented the scenes and the thinking of the people who so enjoyed displaying American history on their dishes. The makers, their marks, and information about the scenes is woven into this book to identify each of the examples in 485 color illustrations.

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